Frontier – VR Art Festival & Exhibition

September 20 – November 17, 2019

September 20th marks the start of the first Ukrainian "Frontier" project on art and virtual reality at the M17 Contemporary Art Center!

On September 20th, the festival and exhibition opening, the visitors will observe 25 virtual art experiences and 5 sculptures by Ukrainian artists. Guests of the evening will also find showcases on the use of technology in culture, performances, and meet the artists, experience exhibition tours, VJ sets, and VR parties.

Frontier is supposed to be held annually, with locations in different cities of the country and should focus on one important topic for Ukrainian society in several ways of the arts and culture. This year's main theme is 'Reforming the Space: New Monuments', and it reveals the way technology and the arts interact with space, complement "the fabric" of the city and create a shared experience for the locals.

Starting from September 23rd, Ukrainian artists will present 30 art objects in virtual and augmented reality within the Frontier Art and Virtual Reality Exhibition at the Contemporary Art Center M17.

Coming up in the program:

  • September 20–22 – "Frontier" Art and Virtual Reality Festival. VR Art Festival. Kyiv;
  • September 23–November 17 – «Frontier. Art and Virtual Reality» Exhibition;
  • expositions, integrated into the municipal and public spaces by means of AR;
  • educational program;
  • kids program;
  • showcases;
  • performances;
  • tours;
  • VR–parties.

Frontier aims to show what art can do with the help of the latest technologies. The project is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation as a milestone event in Ukraine.

The artists involved in the project have created augmented and virtual reality art objects that are combined into three major expositions:


The works presented in this exposition are the result of a lab where artists, urbanists and 3D specialists collaborated for two months. These objects can be experienced in Augmented Reality (AR) in the public spaces of Kyiv and Kharkiv through the application at At the exhibition in M17, the artists' projects are experienced in VR through glasses and helmets.


This exhibit features the works of the 12 Frontier hackathon members. The task of the artists was to rethink the virtual space and make art more interesting for the modern human.


The exposition presents works from institutions such as the French Institute in Ukraine and Izone. The works of artist Serhii Nizhynskyi in VR and AR are presented separately.

Furthermore, Ukrainian artists Vitaliy Protosenya, Oleg Kapustyak, Vasyl Grubliak, Oleksii Zolotaryov, and Vitaliy Kohan will present 5 unique sculptures created exceptionally for the project within the space of the M17 CAC.

23 Ukrainian artists joined the project, among them: Alina Kostikova, Artem Volokitin, Vartan Markaryan, Vitaliy Kohan, Vlas Belov, Daryna Fes, Ivan Kabanenko, Illya Novhorodov, Kostyantyn Zorkin, Kseniia Hnylytska, Mykyta Kadan, Mykola Malyshko, Oleksandr Mamon, Oleksii Zolotaryov, Oleksii Yalovega, Olena Pron'kina, Pavlo Blinokhatov, Petro Hronskyi, Roman Minin, Svitlana Zhytnya, Serhii Nizhynskyi, Faksh Diana and Shyman Kateryna.