Practice of modifications

August 4 – 25, 2015

Modern Art Research Institute with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and in partnership with the America House in Kyiv present new collective project "Practice of modifications".

Curators of the project  investigate the factors that motivate to individual and social evolution.

Even long-term transformation starts first from the the conclusions and actions of individuals.

As long as someone will show somewhat abnormal initiative - new socio-political changes will not come into force.  Any significant change always results from identity chalenge. Evolution is not only a problem of external signs, but also a psychological dilemma.

This restrains many from defying nature and developing  new perspective extrinsic qualities.

The new is harder to start than live with the known - this process may bring discomfort and  self-awareness issues. But far worse to feel confident in the place of total degradation.

Curators: Andrey Sidorenko, Irina Yatsyk and Natalia Shpytkovska

Art manager: Vladislav Tusov

Project partners:

Artcult foundation
Tereshchinkivsky foundation


  • Modern Art Research Institute
  • Терещенковский фонд