Зустріч із Бертраном Костом

У ЦСМ М17 відбулася зустріч українських колекціонерів і меценатів із Бертраном Костом.

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25 November 19

Ukrainian collectors and philanthropists had met recently with Bertrand Coste at the M17 CAC. 

Why is philanthropy so widespread in the West? Why do wealthy Europeans see that as their duty to invest in collecting works of art, and how does this affect the development of culture and the state as a whole? Those were the main topics of conversation with a British colleague, which took place within the preparation for the PRO Collection project, to be held at M17 next year. 

Bertrand Coste is a Gold Patron and Development board member of Contemporary Art Society in London – a charitable organization that purchases works by new artists for further donation into public collections. The descendant and continuer of traditions of the de Menil family that can be considered 20th century American Medici, taking into account their keen supporting and advocating of contemporary art. 

De Menil family had strongly influenced the development of the US artistic environment and was patronized educational activities in this field. Dominique and John de Menil founded the Menil Foundation and the Menil Collection that included, inter alia, artworks by such prominent artists as Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Sai Twombly etc.; also, with their direct involvement, a chapel of Mark Rothko was built. For his part, Bertrand Coste is head of the Search Foundation, and in that role has done much for Ukrainian terrains. 

He has long provided funding for the research team of the Institute of Archeology of the NASU in the field of Eastern Europe Eneolithic studies that have brought Ukrainian archaeology on a worldwide level. Also, a large number of murals were painted on the walls of Kyiv's houses, a Mahmoud Bakhshi's "Endless Celebration" was temporarily installed at the site of the fallen Lenin monument, and the monument to Anna Yaroslavna, daughter of Yaroslav the Wise, was opened in Kyiv. 

The meeting was supported by the Center-based ArtCult Club and Adamovskiy Foundation. We invite you to join the membership of the ArtCult Club! 

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